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Welcome to Divine Droppers
A Cooperative Group of Young Living
At Divine Droppers it is our mission to provide communities with alternative options for support on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual levels. Unlike others, we are a group comprised of variety of practitioners and educators. It is our deepest desire to offer members of our community and yours, the opportunity to begin a journey to wellness on any and all of the levels mentioned. 
By connecting those in need to a variety of services including holistic/alternative/homeopathic providers including therapeutic touch practitioners, therapeutic-grade essential oils and other integrative approaches to health and well-being, we believe that we are able to begin healing within ourselves and our communities.

As members of Divine Droppers, you have the opportunity to provide your services and/or products to help such families. It is our belief that in unity and support of one another we can create the change that is needed.

Through education, empowerment and compassion we are able to lift others as well as ourselves to a higher vibration of wellness.

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